October 11 – 13, 2022


Join 8 female entrepreneurs who are dedicated to making sure you end this year

feeling empowered

with the tools you can take to achieve

all of your goals.


○ Securing a Legacy

Learn what you need to secure your legacy as an entrepreneur with Cynthia, a legal advisor from the UK.

○ Turning Content Into Clients

Turn Content into Clients with Marketing Expert Lindsey White!

○ Building Limitless Beliefs

Build Limitless Beliefs with Jodie a Mental Wellness & Success Coach dedicated to helping you achieve a happy work-life balance.

How to Get Your Accounting Ready for End of the Year

You may not want to but it’s necessary, Get your Accounting Ready Before the End of the Year with Bookkeeper Patty!

○ How Luxury is Built

What is a Luxury Brand? How do you build one? We all have the power to exude Luxury in business learn how you can Build a Luxury Coaching Brand with Elva!

○ New Design Skills

Learn new and fun design skills with Rachel’s Quick Canva Tips and Tricks!

○ Words Mean Things

Clarify your Message with Brittany’s Messaging Manual Breakdown and never wonder what to send a copywriter ever again!

○ Sugar, Cocaine, and the Brain

Learn How to Sustain Health and Wealth as you enter the Holiday Season with Cheryl our Gut Health Specialist!


Securing Your Legacy

presented by: Cynthia McFarlane

Cynthia McFarlane has been dubbed “The Legal Angel” by clients. She is an award-winning international accredited mediator practicing in all areas of law. She has been a barrister (lawyer) in the UK for 18 years. She is also an international Legal Coach and Speaker. She has a podcast called ‘The Dark Horse’ which is about diversity in the horse industry. She has recently appeared in Soulacy Magazine, Money 2022, an annual special edition that focuses on female entrepreneurs.

Turning Content Into Clients

presented by: Lindsey White

magenta strategies logo

Instead of feeling like you’re wasting time with marketing, revamp it and make it your #1 reason Q4 was your quarter of the year! Imagine being one post away from your next client. I’ll be sharing my 5-step framework for how you can create content that sells!

My name is Lindsey White and I started Magenta Strategies in 2018 with the idea that I could offer my knowledge to help other small business owners like myself who don’t have the time and/or knowledge to market their own businesses but are confident in their offer and know they can kill it on a sales call. I help expand your online presence and reach the audience you don’t have the time to find. Through creating killer content, images that stop the scroll, posting when your audience is online, keeping up with all the trends and updates, along with a mix of coaching, I’m able to help reach your dream clients, show them you’re the expert, and guide them to wanting to work with you! You can join her Facebook Group, Reaching Your Audience, here.

Building Limitless Beliefs

presented by: Jodie Solberg

Jodie Solberg is a Mental Wellness and Success Coach, Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Transformational Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, and the founder and CEO of Psyched Up Success. Jodie loves working with purpose-driven professional women who are on a mission to live in alignment with their passion and values to create real and lasting change in their lives and the world around them. She helps her clients heal from trauma and anxiety, remove mental blocks and gain clarity and confidence to create work-life harmony, beat burnout, and achieve their personal and professional goals. Jodie’s greatest joy and purpose is in helping other women to find their confidence and voice, and create a life they love, so they can go out and pass those lessons on to the next generation. To connect with Jodie, visit You may also follow her on social media on Instagram at @psyched_up_success or Facebook at @psychedupsuccess

How to Get Your Accounting Ready for End of the Year

presented by: Patty Saggio

Patty is the bookkeeper for coaches and entrepreneurs who know they need to keep better track of the dollars moving in and out of their business. She brings more than a decade of corporate number crunching experience along with 14 years of home business building experience to ensure your numbers are working for you. You can always Count On Patty! 

To learn more about Patty and her bookkeeping practices follow her on Instagram @count_onpatty or visit her website.

How to Create a Luxury Coaching Brand

presented by: Elva Li

Specializing in helping female coaches and founders, Elva Li is a Luxury Branding Coach, Creative Director, and Speaker who helps her clients create a luxury brand and an irresistible online presence, so that they can transform from the world’s best secret to the sought-after icon in their field, attract high-end clients, and elevate their authority, celebrity, income, and impact online. 

Elva has 10 years of experience in business advisory, coaching, and brand styling. She combines her creative flair with her business savviness to help visionary female coaches and founders feel confident online, onboard high-end clients, and become the most iconic version of themselves.

Elva’s signature ‘Luxe Femme Brand’ system integrates holistic luxury brand strategy, creative direction, and mindset and soul work to translate the essence of a woman’s soul into a luxury brand to help clients increase their perceived value, and expand their influence and impact. Her approach involves inner work (mindset), outer work (strategy), and higher work (soul-alignment) so they can create and embody their soul-aligned luxury brand.

She has been featured on The Australian Business Journal, LadyBoss Asia, This Women Can and has been seen on ABC, CBS, Fox and more.

Quick Canva Tips and Tricks

presented by: Rachel Kmecheck

Hiring a virtual business partner shouldn’t be so complicated. 

I specialize in the tech of your business- and I love learning about new tech and software. With my degree in Graphic Design and Print Technology, I can help make sure that your brand looks great everywhere your business is.

Growing up, I always loved art, design and drawing.  I love to gather ideas and turn it into a logo.

Art is in all aspects of my life- I am also a performing artist.

When I am not working on other people’s businesses, I am running my medieval-inspired art and home décor at Modern Medieval Press.

Messaging Manual Breakdown

presented by: Brittany Gregory

Brittany is a Jargon Expert and Content Development Consultant. She began working in the online space writing blog posts, social media, and website content in 2015. Then launched Leeann Minton in January 2019, moving from freelancer to entrepreneur. Having studied over 10 different foreign languages and obtained a degree in sociology, Brittany understands at a psychological and sociological level how people understand and interpret language. She utilizes this deep understanding to walk her clients through the market research process as well as in developing their content and books. To learn more join her Facebook Group Focused on Creative Content.

Sugar, Cocaine and the Brain:

How to Sustain Health and Wealth as you enter the Holiday Season.

presented by: Cheryl Kemppainen

Cheryl is a Holistic Wellness Guide who specializes in Gut Health. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Holistic Cancer Practitioner and Yoga Teacher. She empowers you to heal from the inside out, with ease and peace, so you can live your best life.

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October 11-13, 2022

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