Social Media Marketing

You’re an expert in your field for a reason – you don’t need to know how to do it all.

Get back to what matters to you in business while knowing your social is still a lead gen machine!

Right now, you’re probably feeling like…

But what if things were more like…

What makes me different from other social media managers?

I’m well aware there are TONS of social media managers out there. Anyone with access to social media can start their own business – but does that mean they can truly help you?

I’ve done a lot of things to set myself aside from other social media managers out there and these are the top 3 things I know set me apart – most others won’t know how to help with these.



I include coaching in my social media management package because, over time working with clients, I realized there was more behind-the-scenes that needed to be clarified. I can’t create high-quality, lead-generating content for your social media if you aren’t clear on what you’re promoting, what transformations it’ll provide, how people can work with you, or even who your ideal client is.


Sales Strategy

Sales is such a key to your marketing, but most don’t realize it. From tracking where your leads are coming from and which are converting/which aren’t to ensuring you are actually selling when on a sales call; all of it could make or break your marketing. That’s why I work with you to help track your sales and optimize your process to get more yes’ with fewer calls.


Your Voice

Your marketing should be all about YOU. That’s what I take into account when writing your content. Sure I could write anything I want, in the way I talk, but what happens when someone’s interested in gets on a call with you. They find out you’re nothing like the person they connected with on social. That’s why I have systems in place to ensure I capture your voice and nothing goes out that doesn’t match that.

what’s the cost

Pricing ranges from $1,000 – $2,000/month 

6 month commitment for all packages