Resource Center

I’ve put together a slew of resources that I’ve either created or found useful in my business to make a one-stop place for you to make running a business easier and more fun!


Forget worrying about what to post. Have an entire month of content at your finger tips.

Find out how successful (or not) your social marketing is and identify how to improve.

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These are resources I’ve used in my own business and highly recommend if you’re looking for tools to optimize your business. Some are completely free, some have free plans or trials and others are paid but I will indicate in the description.

Social Media Marketing

A great social media scheduling tool to help you plan in advance instead of posting manually day by day.

*free plan for 30 days

Another great social media scheduling tool with more benefits to Instagram posting than Hootsuite provides.

*free plan for 3 accounts or less

Facebook’s scheduling tool that can be used for Facebook business pages or Instagram (that’s connected to a FB business page).

*completely free

A tool for creating graphics or videos with ease. Much less advanced than Adobe so easier to use for non-professionals.

*free plan & can pay to upgrade

A free resource for any stock image you may be looking for. Whether you need a flat lay or some models, this is a great resource.

*completely free with optional donations

Email marketing tool that provides automations for sequences, forms for tracking leads and so much more.

*free trial available

Client Maintenance

An all-in-one tool to manage invoicing, contracts, lead & project tracking, automations, scheduling tools, forms and more.

*free trial for 7 days

This is a tool you could use for a variety of uses. CRM, Marketing, Sales, etc. I personally love the email tracking to see opens on regular emails.

*completely free plans

A great communication tool if your DM’s get too full and you don’t want to use your phone number to text.

*free plan & can pay to upgrade

Business Organization

Create organization among all your projects behind-the-scenes so you know you and any team members can stay on track.

*free plan & can pay to upgrade

Another great communication tool but better suited for working with a team or VA so you can share tasks & stay on track with projects.

*free plan & can pay to upgrade

If you’re working in a team or with clients and need to show how to do something, this is a great tool to record and share a short video.

*free plan & can pay to upgrade

Competitive tool to Asana for creating organization among all your projects and behind-the-scenes tasks so you and team members can stay on track.

*free plan & can pay to upgrade

A free resource for organizing the details of your offers and ideal client. It’s a great tool for deep diving and laying out information to use in your content.

*completely free plans